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Frequently Asked Questions

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We use Pilot Nextage body or G3 caps.

You don't pay any customs fees if you buy it for your personal use. If you buy wholesale some fees may apply.

Start with any of these: waterfall mod, panda mod, rsvp msxa, spinpro, buster cyl, ivan mod.

By: Giuseppe goddi

Sure. You will get email notification. So be sure to put an e-mail address that you actually read. 

By: Christoph Heinrichs

It's about $2.5 if you live in Kazakhstan or currently here. WhatsApp me at +7 702 850 30 20 we will discuss it. 

By: Sam T

Usually you get your package in 10-30 business days. The closer you to Kazakhstan the sooner you'll get it. For example customers from European countries get packages in 10-20 days, however countries like Brazil, Mexico, etc. can take up to 30 business days.

By: Emmanuel Ting

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