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67. Tyler   (21.10.2018 13:27) E-mail
from the US and I ordered a matic g3 mod. i knew it was going to be a long shipping time but it was definitely worth it, pen is beautiful and spins fantastically. Only thing that could have been done better is faster shipping but that’s beyond your control, I will definitely order in the future

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66. Jeremie   (24.09.2018 19:48) E-mail
It took me a while to receive my order but it was fine since I wasn't in a hurry and our countries are not exactly close to one another.
The dr KT was exactly as I expected when I ordered it, if not better (the weight makes it so balanced..). If I had to buy another mod one day, I'd do it here again with no second thoughts.
Thanks to Oleg.

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65. Markus Hutter [mark1hutter]   (11.09.2018 22:03)
I'm from Austria.

I ordered for the first time:
Buster Waterfall
Bisycle LED
Teotoko's RSVP
Waterfall Comssa
PSH SpinPro
Colored DR ST
Pen Bag

I am very surprised. You can individualize nearly, if not every single pen in this shop by colour (body, grips and tips). Also the price is pretty awesome in comparison with other penspinning shops that don't even offer a colour selection *cough cough*.
The colours i selected at two pens weren't available anymore, Oleg informed me within 2 hours after my order was confirmed and i easily picked different colours. I have chosen Express Delivery (5-10 days) and my pens already arrived with perfect quality 5 days after the package has been sent out. I finally found my perfect pen store!

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64. Rabilhac Logan   (02.09.2018 03:32) E-mail
My Name is Logan and I'm from France, I've bought an I.suk Emboss mod.
I got a few issues (Colors I chose not available) but Oleg showed very comprehensive and professional, I got my mod today and it's high quality, very cool to spin!
Will definitely buy again here! <3

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63. Yannik Lüthy [yannikluethy]   (26.08.2018 03:05)
Heyo from Germany,

This was my first order, consisting of a Ivan Emboss mod, a VGG mod and the "Random Mod" option.

The mods look very nice and spin as good as expected, and the Random Mod, which turned out to be a Rushon/comssa hybrid, is the best light weight pen i have handled yet.

There was a little stock problem (just some Airfit rings), but Oleg wrote me immediately and was very flexible. If you want to eliminate the possibility, just ask him on whatsapp beforehand (which i also did about before my purchase about something else, he responded very quickly).

The order spent some time in german customs, but thats not Olegs fault and not a problem at all.

All in all, i can only recommend the service and pens, and i would definitely order again.

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62. Werner Barthelmann   (21.08.2018 01:45) E-mail
I ordered 8 pens and the parcel arrived within 20 days here in Germany. The pencils were packed perfectly and came in without any damage. Despite the connecting part of one of the pens being slightly loose I am absolutely satisfied and spinning happily. Looking forward to future orders. By the way: You won't get pens anywhere near this quality in Germany.

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61. Jay Rathore   (04.08.2018 13:44) E-mail
I am Jay from India. I ordered the super pirat waterfall mod from psershop and it arrived in 13 days. I am very happy . It's in perfect condition .. and the customer support is also great. Oleg replied within a few minutes and helped me a lot. This is the best website for buying professional pens. (Better than penwish)

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60. Gillet Charles   (03.08.2018 08:16) E-mail
I ordered a RSVP XRN, Dr M&M, a pen case, a Hal.KT, Bonkura comssa, and a random mod for fun.
I receive it in 8 days after my order, and I live in France.

These mods are high quality mods, they are perfect for me. I really recommend this website for their professionalism.
I could contact Oleg instantly when I needed more precision about what I wanted to order. Oleg is really nice a comprehensive, he really want to do his best to satisfy his client.

I will definitely buy my next mods on this website.

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59. Hammy Harlequin [hammy89]   (10.07.2018 19:51)
Hello smile
Bought the PPM Mod and it arrived in only 12 days here in Germany.

The pen is absolutly perfect in shape and balance
In Germany you can´t find a comparable good pen!!!!

I appreciate the great work and ofc recommend this shop for everyone!

My Second order will come soon biggrin

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58. Besuisio   (07.07.2018 02:47) E-mail
The stuff looks quite nice. Nice service. Im from the netherlands and my order arrived pretty soon. Still need to check the quality.

Would rate the store 7/10.
Perhaps I'll order again sometime.
Answer: Thanks for the feedback!
Did you check the quality?

What can I do to make it 10/10?

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57. Kevin De La Rosa [arkot-tinieblas]   (05.07.2018 22:14)
Hello I'm from Colombia
I bought 19 mods and some accessories in 2 orders, that arrived in perfect conditions.
I had time to try them and each one is of great quality, shipping and contact with Oleg was always quick.
I am very happy with everything so I recommend everyone this great store

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56. Lukas   (27.06.2018 16:22) E-mail
Back in march I've ordered a Buster Waterfall Mod and a RSVP Nachoaddict Mod. I live Austria and somehow the mailman got it confused with Australia. After e-mails back and forth it seemed like the package was lost.

Now, last week I've ordered (although I've been sceptical) Flying Panda Mod, Ivan Mod and ChowCow DC Mod + Oleg re-made the ones from the initial Order FREE OF CHARGE.

The package arrived within 7 days in flawless condition. It contained every mod + the re-made ones. Every single mod looks very solid and well made.

Good, friendly response if there are problems. High-quality handmade mods + wide range of customization. Fast delivery (except mistake).

10/10 would buy again
Thank you

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55. James Wu   (19.06.2018 13:06) E-mail
I bought a waterfall buster. Everything was fine although i am not satifised with the quality. The body of the mod was slightly bent upon arrival.
Answer: Hey!
Sorry about that. Just mention it in your next order, I will sent you the new one.

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54. sedat karademir [karademir63100]   (18.06.2018 16:55)
Thank you very Munch!
I have received my mod today. It is very cool biggrin
Im from France

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53. Kevin Tran [kevintranmk]   (16.06.2018 13:07)
I bought a waterfall mod, menowa vgg, and some jimnies.
Delivery was fast and the pen mods were of high quality.
Would consider ordering from this shop again.

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