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120. Leoni Christopher   (18.10.2019 21:02) E-mail
Clearly the best mod shop I have done several orders received fast enough 7 day of good quality you will not find any better thinking mod mod supplier on the net with a wide choice of color and mod references.

119. Aj   (18.10.2019 13:12) E-mail
I bought Ivan and water fall i am very happy about the pens they are good quality cane fast

118. Giovanni Cheng   (13.10.2019 21:50) E-mail
I absolutely love my pen. I got myself a ChowCow DC Mod. I haven't spun a pen since I was in junior high and at the time, I remember making my own mod myself with two other friends using Pilot G2 pens but later got a Zhigao pen (I didn't know any better at the time) and spun for two years. I'd say I'm an intermediate pen. Got back to college after two gap years and wanted something to fidget around with and instantly thought of getting back into some pen spinning. Went online and found this site and decided to try my luck. My order came in close to a month and I live in Hong Kong. Oleg was super nice to respond to my questions when I messaged him via Telegram too. I look forward to buying more pens in the near future. The quality is great!

117. Julius Graf   (12.10.2019 19:53) E-mail
I ordered a Flying Panda mod and a Buster Waterfall mod + a case for these mods. I am german and the delivery took 1 month. I am absoluty happy with my mods and I will order some more in a few weeks, i think. The support (WhatsApp) is fantastic! Oleg answered any of my questions just in a few minutes or seconds. So I love this shop!!

But i had problems to track my order. Since my order was arrived in the sorting center (in Germany) i did not get any new status of my order. If i track my order right now any tracking website says that my order is in the collection center (Germany) since 21 days. And i think that will never change

But this is a Problem of the german collection center and not of this shop!

116. Петър Шикренов [lainovo123]   (08.10.2019 13:29)
I ordered an ivan mod and zw1002. Everything was perfect the package was well protected with some kind of soft paper.The only thing i didnt like about my order was the longer delivery time which was like a month but after all it was worth the waiting because i had no issues at all with the quality of the mods.Thanks a lot Oleg and well done!

115. Salvador Martínez Pérez   (30.09.2019 19:46) E-mail
12 days to arrive with 2 weekends between.

All perfect, everything is in perfect shape, the packaging was pretty good for the 8$ shipping and i really apreciate that Oleg didnt sent me the whole mod but the mod divided in half (only needed to connect the parts) for the mod's safety while traveling.

10/10 will order again as soon as i have enough money.

114. tsunder [goodismagik]   (28.09.2019 08:12)
hey i havent seen the isukps emboss v3 in stock at all and it keeps displaying in stokc in 20 days
Answer: I'm out of tips for this mod. Awaiting them in a week or so.

113. Sasha Beaumont   (24.09.2019 14:23) E-mail
I am so pleased with the service and store my order only came in 2 weeks !! That’s incredible giving that I come from Australia that is quicker than Amazon delivery!!!!!
Thank you so much Oleg i love the pen and I will learn a lot of new tricks biggrin

112. Alex   (19.09.2019 06:28) E-mail
I purchased four mods from this shop and was very pleased with the order. I just had to wait a few more weeks than usual because the tips were not in stock, but the quality of the mods when received were fantastic and definetly worth the wait. Will order again in the future smile cheers Oleg.

111. Alex   (19.09.2019 06:27) E-mail
I purchased four mods from this shop and was very pleased with the order. I just had to wait a few more weeks than usual because the tips were not in stock, but the quality of the mods when received were fantastic and definetly worth the wait. Will order again in the future smile cheers Oleg.

110. ausball_ [francisnguyen04]   (20.08.2019 16:18)
So I ordered 3 mods from Oleg's store. They were the Matic G3, the RSVP NX MMT and the Emboss Sonoda. The Sonoda Emboss was originally the Firefly G3 mod but Oleg was missing some parts. So he quickly contacted me and replied to all my emails very quickly. Kudos to Oleg for actively answering my questions. It has since been about 2 and a half weeks since I first paid for the order. The package arrived today, which is pretty good considering the shipping from Kazakhstan. Definitely buying from here again

109. Stefanie K [inode677322]   (08.08.2019 00:48)
Ordered 4 new mods. This time the package only took about 2 weeks to arrive (first order took a month). I love the mods alot, they feel great to spin. The only small problem I had was with the 2 Zefir mods; the end parts of the grips + the tips were able to be taken off pretty easily. This wasn´t a big problem at all though, I just slapped some superglue on them and they´re fine now. Next time I´ll get myself some modding parts to make some personal pens! Thank you, Oleg.

108. Dominik Stankovic (@_f0r_real_ps)   (13.07.2019 07:51) E-mail
I ordered a PPM mod, glowing mod, and a Mr. nope Pen bag. I live in Austria (Europe). The Thing i did not like was that it took long to arive. (One Month) I know it can't be faster i just wanted to say that. But the mods... Oh man, they are in such a good quality and spinn soooo good. There was no issue or problems about the payment or the order. The only thing that is kinda annoying is that the Clear ST connector is not very good holding the parts together, But i put some strotch tape above it an that should be fine. Good job man, i'm excited about my next order. happy

107. LimeZz   (12.07.2019 20:16) E-mail
It took only 13 days for my pens to arrive in Germany. Thats crazy good!
Im also very satisfied with the quality!
Keep up your good work, Oleg!
Until my next order happy

106. Kir Yptonite [kiruaner]   (11.07.2019 17:23)
Hi, I ordered 3 times already, living in Germany.
Every single of about 20 pens was modded to perfection. Oleg is a very friendly dude and responds very quickly.
It often takes a lot of time until you get the stuff but the quality of his modding is definitely worth the wait.
I highly recommend every penspinner to try this shop at least once.

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