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55. James Wu   (19.06.2018 13:06) E-mail
I bought a waterfall buster. Everything was fine although i am not satifised with the quality. The body of the mod was slightly bent upon arrival.

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54. sedat karademir [karademir63100]   (18.06.2018 16:55)
Thank you very Munch!
I have received my mod today. It is very cool biggrin
Im from France

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53. Kevin Tran [kevintranmk]   (16.06.2018 13:07)
I bought a waterfall mod, menowa vgg, and some jimnies.
Delivery was fast and the pen mods were of high quality.
Would consider ordering from this shop again.

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52. Glenn   (10.05.2018 14:28) E-mail
Item received in good condition. Very satisfied (:

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51. Tritin QUACH [quachtritin]   (10.05.2018 02:17)
Just some problem with the stock but everything is oky, Oleg always here for find some solution.
I'm a customer from france. I ordered :
- ppm
- sonoda emboss mod
They are perfect.
Hope just that Oleg will have more in the stock haha.

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50. Selim   (17.04.2018 15:17) E-mail
I live in Germany.
The delivery took about 14 days. I bought some mods, two stands and some grips. Shipment took place on the same day.
Unfortunately, some things were not in stock as desired, which I learned only after the purchase/payment. A corresponding mark on the product pages would have been helpful. It was said to wait or change order. I have made some changes (mainly color changes). Support could be handled very quickly via WhatsApp, outperforming many other vendors.
Besides the promised Fidget Spinner there were other freebies.

Support: 5/5
Assortment: 5/5
Assortment Presence: 3/5
Delivery: 4/5 (Delivery time is okay for Kazakhstan to Germany. But one of the stands was slightly damaged. Free replacement was offered.
Freebies: 4/0 (:D)

I'd recommend the shop and order again.
(However, only if you have more in the shopping cart. Must somehow pay off with the shipping costs.)

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49. Belinda Gulich   (08.04.2018 16:44) E-mail
I´m from Germany and this was my first order:

-Buster Waterfall Mod
-Flying Panda Mod
-Metal Comssa Mod
-PSH SpinPro
-Long Ivan mod
-Light mod
-Menowa* ST
-Ivan Mod

The service and shipping was very great.
All my pens are top.
I recommend this shop for anyone.
Thank You:)

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48. marton [martonkid89]   (16.03.2018 02:09)
This is my 3rd order - Buster CYL and Flying Panda "Light's Edition". Your work is brilliant! I love how you make these Mods.

Quality 10/10

And thank you for the little gift. Next order will be soon!

Greetings from Berlin Germany

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47. Ryan   (04.03.2018 06:31) E-mail
From IL, United States.
Got the items in very good condition, looking forward to buy more pens here. thank you so much

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46. Issaka   (04.02.2018 17:17) E-mail
Order #920

I received all my pens in perfect condition.

-Menowa* VGG Mod
- Waterfall Mod
- Kirbo Emboss Mod
- PPM Mod
- DR ST Mod

and some modding parts + stand for Pen Mods

Olegs Website logs very good, and it's easy to find what you're looking for. Also for people who order from Germany there will be no problem with their delivery. It works fine. I recommend Olegs Website KzPSC Shop, if you are looking for quality Penspinning pens/mods.
I also appreciate Oleg work on his Youtube channel.

Second order will be purchase soon.

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45. Djo Lopez [nicovillot]   (25.01.2018 21:14)
I bought waterfall, flying panda, tornado, Rsvp mx, Dr Rsvp (sailor) and pen bag.
I'm from France,
My package arrived in 8 days.
I recommend this shop for anyone.

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44. Lea Blankenship   (21.01.2018 07:31) E-mail
I dont see a "Submit" button after I put in my credit card info. I only see Paypay stuff!!!!
Answer: You can pay via PayPal using your credit card info.

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43. DNDslaYer   (03.01.2018 20:39) E-mail
First of all, I want to thank Oleg for this awesome shop.
I'm from Germany and even over christmas, my package arrived in 9 days. (Delivery time only) Because not everything was available/in stock, it took some time until it was ready for the delivery. But that's totally fine. I ordered a Bycicle LED Mod, four ST LED Mods, a Light Mod, a Whirl LED Mod, Pen Case, Pen Bag, Silicon Band and a few spare parts. The quality is good and everything works fine. After removing the little piece of paper, between the batteries and the spring of the LED, my Bycicle LED Mod worked great. (Might be the problem with Feedback no. 42? Just a guess)
I had a few questions in the progress and the respond came always very fast. He even gave me the Pen Bag for free.

I highly recommend this shop.
It was my first order and I already plan my next.

As always, keep up the good work Oleg happy

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42. João Sousa [SnosuS]   (29.12.2017 23:10)
First order, had a fairly bad experience, pens took over a month to get to Portugal, that's fine, I can take that, Bycicle LED mod's leds werent working, which is pretty shit, since I was hoping this mod would be nice, oh well, not happy with the quality either
Answer: Sorry about that. Remind me about your broken leds, I will send you new one for free with your next order.

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41. Vitto [vittobiancardi]   (22.12.2017 00:03)
I bought a bicycle LED mod, a clear PPM mod, a pen case, an Ian Jenson mod and an Ivan mod special edition, I'm from Chile and this is the second order I receive, the shipping is great and fast, i didn't have any problem with the payment and when I had a question, the answer was always fast. All the mods are in great conditions, so I definetely recommend this shop.

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