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108. Dominik Stankovic (@_f0r_real_ps)   (13.07.2019 07:51) E-mail
I ordered a PPM mod, glowing mod, and a Mr. nope Pen bag. I live in Austria (Europe). The Thing i did not like was that it took long to arive. (One Month) I know it can't be faster i just wanted to say that. But the mods... Oh man, they are in such a good quality and spinn soooo good. There was no issue or problems about the payment or the order. The only thing that is kinda annoying is that the Clear ST connector is not very good holding the parts together, But i put some strotch tape above it an that should be fine. Good job man, i'm excited about my next order. happy

107. LimeZz   (12.07.2019 20:16) E-mail
It took only 13 days for my pens to arrive in Germany. Thats crazy good!
Im also very satisfied with the quality!
Keep up your good work, Oleg!
Until my next order happy

106. Kir Yptonite [kiruaner]   (11.07.2019 17:23)
Hi, I ordered 3 times already, living in Germany.
Every single of about 20 pens was modded to perfection. Oleg is a very friendly dude and responds very quickly.
It often takes a lot of time until you get the stuff but the quality of his modding is definitely worth the wait.
I highly recommend every penspinner to try this shop at least once.

105. C. Diamond [cbdiamond07]   (11.07.2019 03:05) E-mail
I'm a fairly new spinner, only using a Bictory Mod before I ordered from here. I ordered a Buster Waterfall mod since it was a decent mod for beginners, and I was extremely pleased with its performance. It arrived in perfect condition and looked exactly how it was displayed on the page. It feels high quality and professionally made. The shipping time wasn't anything I can complain about, shipping in just under a month, which is fairly fast considering where it was shipping from. Customer feedback is amazing and Oleg is on top of it all. 

Tl;dr: Responsive customer service, good shipping time, good quality mod. Buying again for certain.

104. Keith Segers   (09.07.2019 14:51) E-mail
My 3 mods arrived after about 10 days which was the minimum advertised. Overall the mods are excellent quality! They were very well packaged too.

Would/will order again.

103. Dado [reflections364]   (06.07.2019 04:31)
Ordered 8 different mods, there were so many colors to choose. Mods feel awesome. Oleg is very responsive and he did some adjustments I asked him to make on mods I ordered. Whether you are beginner or advanced pen spinner this is great site to buy your mod from.

102. John Tinelli   (28.06.2019 18:36) E-mail
My pen arrived after about 3 weeks in transit which is expected for world shipping. I'm super pleased with the pen overall, it's got great feel to it. I'm glad to be learning on this pen

101. Timo Böger [tboeger95]   (28.06.2019 04:47)
Bought a Waterfall Mod and 2 comssa mods - 10/10 super quick delivery to germany and perfect execution of my more than complicated order. Will buy again!

100. Tal levi   (26.06.2019 21:28) E-mail
Super fast literally less than a week to Israel. Great product great service and communication can't wait to order more things!

99. Tero Lampela   (26.06.2019 18:57) E-mail
Hello! Bought 4 mods, 1 random mod, 2 bodies, 2 metal rings and a pen bag. Arrived to Finland in 12 days. Got everything in top quality, well made, look and spin amazing, even better than expected. Support was fast and nice. Very good variety and customization options in the store. Would recommend the site to anyone, definitely the best pen store out there. Won't be my last order either. Thank you Oleg!

98. Stefanie K [inode677322]   (25.06.2019 21:55)
Arrived in Austria after exactly one month. The pens are great, though i still have to get used to them smile i love that you can choose all the colors of the parts of the mods. Might order again in the future ^^

97. Daniel Arispe [arispeplaza]   (19.06.2019 03:36) E-mail
It arrived in Chile in 28-30 days, which is to be expected given the location distance. The quality is really good and I'm happy with it, though I had to adjust the grips a tiny bit, not sure if it happened during the shipping. Other than that, everything is in perfect shape.

Will definitely order again.

96. Alex   (18.06.2019 17:01) E-mail
Order arrived today in France, in about 10 days.

The quality is crazy, I recommend this site.

Next order probably very soon!

95. Dado [reflections364]   (29.05.2019 22:23)
Ordered 3 pen mods, Arrived in Croatia in about 10 days.
All mods great quality. Huge assortment of different color parts to choose from when picking any mod makes this site one of best to pick your pen.

94. Krisna   (22.05.2019 14:06) E-mail
Hello Oleg, this is my fisrt time. It took a month to get to Indonesia, but i am verry satisfying. Thanks oleg. Next order will come soon.. Hopefully tongue

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