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80. Thomas   (05.02.2019 00:59) E-mail
Finally my Tornado Mod arrived and it spins great. Previous i had one from amazon but handmade is way better. unfortunately it took more than a month but Oleg said this was due to big upcome in January after Holidays and stuff. However I appreciated that in Germany its sent home so i did not have to walk to my post office. Surely gonna buy more mods from oleg

79. Kan Kong   (04.02.2019 15:06) E-mail
I bought a tornado mod and I am from Hong Kong. I liked the weight of the mod, it was easy to get used to and very balanced. The grips were also very good and made doing wipers very easy. The order took a little bit too long, I waited about 3 months for it to be delivered. But over all the mod was very good and it helped me a lot throughout my pen spinning journey.

78. Peter Chow [petechow88]   (28.12.2018 22:51)
I received my first order of 12 pens plus a pen case a couple of weeks ago.  They look and spin great.  The only downside is how long it took to mail from Kazakhstan to the U.S. via standard delivery.  However, that was somewhat expected.  My friends like my pens so much I placed a second order to get some pens as gifts to my friends, and this time I'm paying extra for expedited shipping.  Hopefully I will be able to receive them faster.  Will buy again.

77. emmanuel ting   (22.12.2018 07:17) E-mail
I ordered the Comossa Waterfall Pen mod. I live in southern california, USA, and it is amazing. Great quality, exceeded expectation, and looks amazing. The only downside is that it took 35 days to arrive from order, otherwise it is amazing. WOULD DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN! biggrin

76. Rayden   (17.12.2018 11:53) E-mail
Hey guys I see a lot of people getting mad about their order here’s one thing people need to under stand HES ONE GUY he controls this website makes mod HIMSELF ALONE Oleg works very hard and is trying his best so try not be so mean about not reciving package in time. Ok think about this your working on a mod because someone orderd one right Oleg is working on it trying to get it done then like 18 more orders come in and he is trying to get 19 Pen mods done in 1 day ok people 1 day he’s working very hard he’s alone so cut him some slack please then u might get the quality u wanted not so please don’t get upset give him time and there it’s not that hard to wait so please don’t rush him let him take his time.

75. Very Disappointed   (08.12.2018 02:29) E-mail
Do not buy from here, ever.

Paid for express delivery, but had to wait two months, and not because of postage issues, but because the order was not sent on time.

On top of that one of the mods wasn't in the package, even though you can see it in the instagram post. The random mod is awful, the Enot RSVP is falling apart, the replica parts are terrible.

Still no answer on why one of the mods was missing from the package after a week.

Would never buy anything from here again.
Answer: What's your order number? I can't find any mail from you with the missing mod issue.

74. Radoslav   (06.12.2018 00:15) E-mail
I am from Bulgaria and I bought an RSVP MX Mod and a DR RSVP Mod [Sailor Mod]. Nice purchasing flow, pens arrived in perfect condition, overall great experience. Would recommend 100%. Great job Oleg!

73. KosTechnick [elzonpono]   (02.12.2018 19:57)
I am from the UK I bought a inverse comssa, a metal comssa and a RSVP MX mod.
I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the amount of customisation that are available for the mod. I also follow the shop on Instagram and to see your mods when its finished being made gets you really excited. The delivery took its time but most of the wait was from parts that Oleg would have to wait for, of which he informed me about asap.
There was no issue with anything with payment or the delivery, keep up the great work.

72. Roman   (22.11.2018 19:56) E-mail

Now the only downside: The delivery took ages ... It took around a month from the moment i clicked on "place order" to the arrival of the stuff. 2 weeks were due to "out of stock"-reasons, but still ...

The conclusion: I totally recommend buying from Oleg, IF you are not in a hurry with your order! Besides that, i think there is no better place to buy penmods :-)

71. Roman   (22.11.2018 19:55) E-mail
I'm from AUSTRIA.

Because i could not decide on which mods to buy i ordered around 15 different ones to try them out by myself.

Most important: the mods are great! All of them are well made, balanced, fine quality. The customization options are a BIG plus.

When i placed my order, a couple parts haven't been available. Oleg contacted me with options, either to change to other colors or wait for the parts to restock. I guess it is hard for a small shop to have everything in stock ...

The price of the mods is quite reasonable in my eyes. The bonus programm is nice, allthough i would prefer to be able to create a seperate account for the webpage over using my google account.

70. Михайлов Александр [chronocoder]   (15.11.2018 13:58)
I have bought 3 pen mods. They are Panda, Waterfall, SpinPro... Each of them like a wonder and I can't choose one for primary use.

I am so happy!

69. Adrien   (15.11.2018 11:10) E-mail
Ive bought 2 mods and im from switzerland. It took around 20-25 days to be delivered but it was the only negative aspect. Mods are great, good quality, customization and price. A part from that the seller was really nice and answered my question within 12 hours. Will buy again if i need new mods.

68. Quentin   (02.11.2018 19:45) E-mail
i bought 3 Mods, Waterfall, ivan and the chowcow one.
First of all i was reaaalllllly impressed that he offered the chowcow mod, which really hyped me tbh
second, Oleg is an awesome guy, offers great support, and the quality of the Mods is as good as it could possibly get in my opintion so i am overall very very happy with everything, shipping took only like 8 days with normal delivery (im from germany btw)

tl dr; Awesome dude, awesome quality, awesome shop, 10/10, will definetly recommend smile

67. Tyler   (21.10.2018 13:27) E-mail
from the US and I ordered a matic g3 mod. i knew it was going to be a long shipping time but it was definitely worth it, pen is beautiful and spins fantastically. Only thing that could have been done better is faster shipping but that’s beyond your control, I will definitely order in the future

66. Jeremie   (24.09.2018 19:48) E-mail
It took me a while to receive my order but it was fine since I wasn't in a hurry and our countries are not exactly close to one another.
The dr KT was exactly as I expected when I ordered it, if not better (the weight makes it so balanced..). If I had to buy another mod one day, I'd do it here again with no second thoughts.
Thanks to Oleg.

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