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20. Kimberly   (30.03.2017 03:45) E-mail
I did what you said, even my son emailed you, you didn't respond to the new emails please don't ignore them or is there another way I can contact you
Answer: Please check you email, I've answered Mar 29, 2017, 12:41 PM almaty time.
You can contact me via SMS / WhatsApp / iMessage +7 702 850 30 20

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19. Nobody [jcaegislash]   (29.03.2017 14:21)
I am from Australia and I ordered a couple of mods from this shop. I had a small issue with delivery but this was quickly resolved. Customer service was amazing and the mods were very good quality. Package came in 2 weeks as promised. This is the best online shop to order mods. Would highly recommend.  smile

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18. Kimberly   (28.03.2017 03:26) E-mail
I ordered items from this shop and one wasn't ready yet, so I asked him to ship the items he could, he agreed, but when I email him to pay for the other shipping, I get no response. >(
Answer: I've answered your email, please check you spam folder. Or write me again.

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17. Blizzardous_286   (19.03.2017 21:23) E-mail
I live in Germany. I ordered a Menowa* mod and it came very quickly. It was high quality and exactly as I wanted. This site is awesome and I hope there will be more soon. 100% recomend this site laugh The prizes are cheap and there are many things you can pick

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16. Ramon   (19.03.2017 17:08) E-mail
I order a penspining. After 6 months my order never arrive. No solutions. No reply my mail >( >( >( A deception to me. I'll never buy anything
Answer: Sorry about long email reply. Your package was lost. I've sent you new mod as we agreed.

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15. Vojtech   (23.02.2017 22:16) E-mail
Fast customer support, good delivery time to CZE. Overall I am satisfied with the quality of pen mods I ordered. Great shop keep it up.

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14. Victor Maldonado   (08.02.2017 00:05) E-mail
Thank you for the mods came to my home in perfect condition will be buying more smile

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13. Vic   (06.02.2017 02:56) E-mail
Ppm mod and waterfall mod just came in no damage. Really good quality in the making. also arrived pretty quickly United States. I will be ordering again!

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12. Tommy W   (31.01.2017 09:10) E-mail
I just received my pens today (Wind and LED mod) and I am very pleased. They spin very well and I will definitely be ordering from your website again. I could not send a picture because sadly my phone broke but please know that these are my new favorite pens.

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11. godraf   (30.01.2017 01:06) E-mail
Hey guys, I love this shop, ppm mod are top! Recommend. cool

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10. Sourixis   (27.01.2017 21:48) E-mail
i finally receive my whirl led mod, it took more than a month but im so happy to have it right now, tks to psershop for the messages they sent me and the photo wink

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9. The_XYZ_Guy   (26.01.2017 00:55) E-mail
I am from Poland. I bought my SpinPro C01 with black tips. Cool page, good dealer and customer support.
I recommend 101% cool B) cool

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8. xy z [saysplays]   (25.01.2017 22:59)
I'm from Austria.
I just ordered my first pen from this site, and I'm genuinely surprised. The pen arrived sooner than promised, and the quality of it is perfect! The service with the instagram pictures is a very nice feature as well.
I had to pay about 10€ more than I normally had to, but that was a mistake on my part.
Overall this shop is great, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a pen!

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7. Max Gurr   (25.01.2017 13:06) E-mail
I'm from New Zealand, which is pretty far away from these guys. However despite that, throughout the whole process of ordering, processing, and a shipping, they were extremely helpful with any questions I had, accommodating to any requests, and were just all round nice people.
I'd recommend this shop above all others, not just for the variety of pens they have, but the people behind making them. 10/10 overall. biggrin

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6. Mr Didraqeuur [ryanarif]   (23.12.2016 18:21)
This website is awesome ! Im from France (paris) and I took the Menowa mod. It took one month to delivry but its worth it. Im going to buy Dr kt mod in not a long time :D.

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