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93. jacob peterson   (04.05.2019 22:46) E-mail
I bought an i.suk mod. oleg was helpful in communicating with me about my nearly 4 month waiting time for the pen. Even though it is not olegs fault it was still frustrating waiting for so long.

92. Rev   (30.04.2019 23:43) E-mail
30 days got a little impatient, but I love my new waterfall mod. tongue

91. Toro Shima [toroshima21]   (30.04.2019 20:46)
worth waiting for. the quality is basically factory new. i think mine took around 1 and half month to come to me. U.S perfect balance and reply to any of your question concern and problems. ★★★★★

90. Marco & Soul   (30.04.2019 18:36) E-mail

- With a friend we purchased 2 Ivan mod and 2 ZW-1003.

- The delivery took about 10 days to come to France.

- The mods are insane, exactly like in the pictures.

- Oleg answered all our questions and he was always available to help us

89. Vicki Wagstaff   (24.04.2019 18:15) E-mail
biggrin I purchased the Ivan Mod. It is brilliant, well balanced, good grip and great weight easy to spin. I live in the UK and delivery was very quick (just under 2 weeks) I was notified of delivery stage every step of the way. Excellent service, great quality.

88. Wendy Choo   (23.04.2019 19:33) E-mail
Seller is very responsive in replies. Although the arrival took awhile cos I live in Singapore, the pens were in good quality and feels real good. Thanks Oleg. biggrin

87. Janzel   (22.04.2019 10:33) E-mail
First, I purchased multiple different pens. The payment method was excellent. No Issues.

Second, the order is complete and securely packed. Quality is same as in the pictures.
Item Quality / Packaging-★★★★★

Lastly, the owner is very accommodating so feel free to ask him if you have any questions and follow his instagram / facebook to keep updated for completed orders
Customer service / Seller -★★★★★

Cons- My country is far and took a long time to be delivered which is understandable and out of the seller's control, be patient and considerate.
Delivery - ★★★★☆

86. Ian Lee [ianlee31]   (12.04.2019 06:58)
I am Ian from Malaysia, purchased Buster Waterfall and Ninja mod.

Though took a little time on delivery, but everything was received in good condition.

Am satisfied with the products

85. Leoni Christopher   (11.04.2019 17:27) E-mail
Having made 3 command I am satisfied with mods arrived in 2 week thanks Oleg

84. Murat   (26.03.2019 12:27) E-mail
I bought pspinpro white
I love it have a good balance

83. Jack Jewell   (25.03.2019 13:16) E-mail
Hello my name is Jack and I live in New Zealand. I ordered a waterfall comssa mod, 2 bic stic, and 2 super grip (I ordered under my mum's name and email). I love the mod it is good quality and I am very happy with the service. It took a while to post but that is out of your control and understandable as I live so far away. I am 100% satisfied with your service thank you so much!!!

82. trace   (21.02.2019 14:58) E-mail
i got my ZW-1001
like you said its bit better as the tornado mod the grips feels nice between the fingers, i lost the name of my black one that arrived but both pens are very nice balanced so spinners have fun with your pens

81. Cody   (09.02.2019 07:54) E-mail
It came within the expected shipping time, the pen looks and feels awesome, it was 100% worth the price! I’m definitely shopping here again soon

80. Thomas   (05.02.2019 00:59) E-mail
Finally my Tornado Mod arrived and it spins great. Previous i had one from amazon but handmade is way better. unfortunately it took more than a month but Oleg said this was due to big upcome in January after Holidays and stuff. However I appreciated that in Germany its sent home so i did not have to walk to my post office. Surely gonna buy more mods from oleg

79. Kan Kong   (04.02.2019 15:06) E-mail
I bought a tornado mod and I am from Hong Kong. I liked the weight of the mod, it was easy to get used to and very balanced. The grips were also very good and made doing wipers very easy. The order took a little bit too long, I waited about 3 months for it to be delivered. But over all the mod was very good and it helped me a lot throughout my pen spinning journey.

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