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5. Remy Oezil   (25.10.2016 16:40) E-mail
I'm from Malaysia. I ordered some mods like menowa mod, ivan mod and ct diy set alongsode pser spinning case. Well it took me 1 and a half month to wait but i think its worth waiting. The service is great. The ST barrel is slightly bigger than one from penwish. The products is provenly quality products
Highly recommended

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4. LittleSo_   (13.10.2016 22:37) E-mail
I wanted a LED mod and was having some trouble deciding which one. They helped me so much wirh everything and answered real quick to my questions!

Finally I ordered a ST Led Mod, pretty one!
Btw, I'm from Spain and it only took 15-20 to arrived.

Would recommend! smile

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3. Dardan   (13.10.2016 19:50) E-mail
Good quality mods, delivery wasn't long at all for me in London and customer support was very good

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2. Glendora_football   (06.10.2016 12:49) E-mail
The best it was worth it better than pen wish better quality and jest takes longer but still worth it I bought the tarnado mod and bicycle mod but the bicycle mod one light did not work but everything thing else is perfect 100% legit

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1. Iñaki Abete [inakiabt]   (13.09.2016 02:10)
I'm from Argentina. I ordered a Metal Comssa Mod (Sailor Grip) the last month and I love it!
The customer support was EXCELLENT.

FYI, it took a month and a week to be here in Argentina but it worth waiting for it.
I'm ordering a new one next month, 100% recommended.

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