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40. Binne   (28.11.2017 22:54) E-mail
I bought two RSVP MX mods and two led mods. Fast delivery, great service when I had a question. Highly recommend psershop!

39. Siddhanta [sidhantapanda]   (25.11.2017 00:19)
Hey guys, My name is S!D and I'm from India. I've bought 5 Mods (Menowa Mod, Menowa Emboss Mod, KzzN Emboss Mod, Bicycle LED Mod, Ninja Mod) along with one Begleri and one Fidget Spinner (+ one Fidget Spinner as Freebie) from KzPSC Shop. First of all I'd like to tell you I've bought them on 31-Oct-2017 but because of the non-availability of certain parts (Zebra AirFit Rings) there was a delay in shipping of my products. He dispatched the stuffs on 16-Nov-2017 and I got them today i.e., 24-Nov-2017. It only takes 8 days to reach India; So great, ain't it? And I'm definitely satisfied with the product and I really gave him ***** (5 stars) not because of the best I got but because of what kind of person he is.
In short I'd like to tell #best PACKAGING #best MoD #Recommended this shop for EVERY PEN  SPINNER out there.
Thank You...:)

38. Pascal Gross   (08.11.2017 18:20) E-mail
I'm from France,
My pen is arrived today without any delay.
The pen are top.
I really like this.
If I decide to buy more pen´s, then in this shop. 
I recommend this shop for anyone.

37. Graeme Gillings   (30.09.2017 11:54) E-mail
I'm from Australia,
My pen mod kit arrived in around a week which was fantastic! Even if you live a long distance away from Kazakhstan the pens won't be too long to arrive. Recomend for anyone who is looking for pen stuff, a fast delivery and quality products.

36. Krypton . [kryptonpenspinning]   (16.09.2017 02:45)
I ordered 4 times here and delivery is very fast, also in Germany. Also the quality is very good. Support is fast and problems got fixed fast. This is definitely the best Penspinning shop. I will buy more from this shop in the future.

35. Jussi   (13.09.2017 21:05) E-mail
Great products, great store!

34. Akai   (04.09.2017 14:37) E-mail
I've purchased a Cyan colored Ivan Mod and a Red KT along with other miscellaneous parts. The quality of the items are great, shipping did not take too long to the United States, within one month. With that being said, it was worth the wait and the order came with some freebies as well. Highly recommended.

33. Dardan   (02.09.2017 19:34) E-mail
Very good service and quality. My waterfall mod arrived even earlier than expected too, which is great.

32. Ignacio   (10.08.2017 16:51) E-mail
This web offers a wide range of mods and modding parts and it has the cheapest prices imo.
I also have to say that I bought a hal kt m&m version and some modding stuff to make a buster cyl and a ryo cheat comssa and after all I can say that materials are top quality, the shipping costs are cheap and when I had a problem he did his best to solve it (and solved it). Even he threw a wristband as freebie. Do I have to say anything else? Start buying here, you won't regret it.

31. Vanilla   (08.07.2017 21:46) E-mail
I bought a flying panda mod along with a vgg emboss and 2 comssa backplugs. The mods came within 10 days and he replied to his email quickly. Would recommend this shop to other people.

30. Lucas Vinouze   (01.07.2017 10:56) E-mail
I bought waterfall comssa mod and i seen my parcel was not moving for 3 days so send an email and only after 1 hour got the answer to my question (very good support), after 7 day I received my new mod, very quick delivery time for European.
Thank you so much for your help and your mod.

29. Amir   (30.06.2017 05:19) E-mail
Thanks so much! I'm from the United States and my shipment arrived earlier than I expected. When it came, everything was in a very nice condition and everything worked perfectly (even the LEDs). You have awesome mods with awesome prices. You are SUPER helpful and have awesome customer relations!!! biggrin I will defiantly come back and order more and I 100% recommend.

biggrin biggrin

28. Vince   (16.06.2017 15:08) E-mail
I'm from australia and I ordered 3 pen mods from the shop. I must say i'm very satisfied with the quality of the pens, especially the airfit grips of the pens which were cut perfectly. There were a few extra stuff that i received from the package as well. Customer service was also great and my package came within 2 weeks.
Overall I rate this shop a 9/10. I would definitely recommend this to other people and would order from this site again. biggrin
Answer: Thank you for your time to write this awesome feedback!
What can I do to make my shop 10/10 for you?

27. Marťan Hejno [martin896]   (13.06.2017 21:28)
Order #2 - Great again
Ordered 2 RSVP MXs for me and my friend.
Both are great quality and we recieved free wrist bands aswell. Seriously a great penspinning shop.

26. kyle nguyen [kylenguyen60]   (13.06.2017 17:49)
I'm from Belgium,
I ordered a Long Ivan Mod, I really like it's weight but it is a bit thick and sliding otherwise, no issue with payment,...Would recommend this shop

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