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Hello! I'm Oleg. I sell mods for Pen Spinning, parts for Pen Modding, accessories and other Pen Spinning related stuff.

I created KzPSC in 2008. Couple years later I opened KzPSC shop. On August 2016 I created this shop – an English version of my shop.

To make a good pen spinning mod you need pens from different countries. I thought that it would be very cool to gather all the materials and mods in one place so you don't need to collect pens from all other the world to make you mods.

Beside this shop I've got the biggest site about Pen Spinning in Russian. I post a lot of stuff about Pen Spinning almost daily. Be sure to check it regularly. Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can see each and every order in my Instagram.


I am glad to help you with all your questions about payment, delivery and choosing your mods. Write me a message.


Almost every Pen Spinning mods are handmade. So I try my best to make them good. I use these parts for pen modding. You can see and buy them for your own pen modding experience.


I make mods alone and I don't pay anyone else, so prices in my shop generally lower.


You get 5% bonuses on your accout every time you purchase something. When you have enought bonuses you can spen it on anything you want from this shop.
1 bonus = 1 USD.

Insurance of all packages

This allow me to refund you if your package lost. After I get compensation from post office.


I use Kazpost to send your packages and provide track number for every package.

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