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Waterfall Comssa Mod

Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod
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Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod Buy Waterfall Comssa Mod
Raiting: 3.7 of 5.
Based on 47 ratings.

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  • Weight: 15.7 g.
  • Length: 22.5 cm.
  • Balanced: yes
  • Write ability: no
  • Choose color. See color explanation below ⬇
    • Body: 
    • Left cap: 
    • Right cap: 
    • Dr. Grip grip: 


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Original Waterfall mod has a Super Pirat body which is expensive and quite hard to clear out the prints to make it white.  
Waterfall Comssa Mod has a Comssa body which is much cheaper and it is already white.

We also have Buster Waterfall Mod with Crayola ST as a body, which is slightly thicker and has 12 colors to choose from. 

Colors of the body:

Colors of Reynolds caps:

It is a good idea to buy Sailor or Anyball grips to make your waterfall mod more unique and beautiful. By the way you can ask us to cut it for you in the note section at the checkout page. 

If you have more than 2 mods consider getting Pen Case or Pen Bag to keep it cool and safe.

Sailot grip Anyball grip  


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