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Buster CYL Mod (Dr. Grip)

Buy Buster CYL Mod (Dr. Grip)
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Buy Buster CYL Mod (Dr. Grip) Buy Buster CYL Mod (Dr. Grip) Buy Buster CYL Mod (Dr. Grip)
Raiting: 4.5 of 5.
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  • Weight: 20.0 g.
  • Length: 21.7 cm.
  • Balanced: yes
  • Write ability: no
  • Choose color. See color explanation below ⬇
    • Body: 
    • Left cap: 
    • Right cap: 
    • Tips color: 
    • Dr. Grip grip: 


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Original Buster CYL mod just got better with Dr. Grip grips:

  • Dr. Grip grip is heavier and adds more momentum than Airfit grip. So it easier to do hard and continuous tricks. 
  • Many spinners prefer clean and simple look of Dr. Grip grip to Airfit grip with its hole-sections. 
  • Because Dr. Grip grip doesn't have this hole-sections it doesn't collect dust in it after awhile like Airfit grip does.

Colors of Crayola ST Barrels:

Colors of Comssa caps:



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