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Flying Panda Mod "Light's Edition"

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Buy Flying Panda Mod Buy Flying Panda Mod Buy Flying Panda Mod Buy Flying Panda Mod Buy Flying Panda Mod Buy Flying Panda Mod
Raiting: 4.2 of 5.
Based on 16 ratings.

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  • Weight: 17.2 g.
  • Length: 22.3 cm.
  • Balanced: yes
  • Write ability: no
  • Choose color. See color explanation below ⬇
    • Left grip: 
    • Right grip: 


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This mod is like original Flying Panda mod but we put 3 stripes of Sailor grips on each cap and 2 sections of Anyball grip on top of Signo tips inside the Tornado grip

These small details add beautiful spin effect and increase weight of the mod so it spins even more easier. 

And it is cheaper to buy this mod than to make it yourself! If you do it yourself you will need 1 or 2 (for different colors on each side) Anyball grips and Sailor grip.

Colors of Anyball grips:


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