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I.suk Emboss Mod

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Buy I.suk Emboss Mod Buy I.suk Emboss Mod Buy I.suk Emboss Mod
Raiting: 3.6 of 5.
Based on 13 ratings.

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  • Weight: 21.7 g.
  • Length: 24.6 cm.
  • Balanced: yes
  • Write ability: no
  • Choose color. See color explanation below ⬇
    • Color: 


Personal mod of well known spinner I.suk

'The best mod I've ever spun' – Supawit

'I did pinkyback 1.5 for about 5 minutes, broke WR first try IRL with this mod' – Neir'da

'I don't want to go back to other mods' – P

'Your emboss made my lvl up in only one week' – Tidus

I used giotto back plugs instead of Energell connectors, they much cheaper and hold barrels the same.

And Super grip Instead of Lakubo grip, the length and the weight is almost the same. With red and blue Giotto Turbo Maxi barrels SG will be the same color. Other colors Giotto Turbo Maxi will be made with black SG. If you want otherwise, leave a note at the checkout page. 

Colors of Giotto barrel:

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