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Zefir ST Mod (Tornado grips)

Buy Zefir ST Mod (Tornado grips)
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Buy Zefir ST Mod (Tornado grips) Buy Zefir ST Mod (Tornado grips)
Raiting: 4.3 of 5.
Based on 3 ratings.

In stock

  • Weight: 20.6 g.
  • Length: 23.2 cm.
  • Balanced: yes
  • Write ability: no
  • Choose color. See color explanation below ⬇
    • Body: 
    • Grips color: 
    • Color of Tornado Grips: 

$12.00 $9.99

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Other versions of this mod:

Colors of body:

Colors of Tornado grips:

I can make it any color you want. Just mention desired colors in the notes at the checkout page.

Body color #11, rainbow colors of Tornado grips, white sailor grips and silver tips:

For example you will get this mod if you choose body colors #12, Tornado grips color #2, copper tips and orange color of grips:

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