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Currently due to coronavirus situation I can sent packages only to Austria, Norway, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Korea, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Bulgaria, Russia, France, Great Britain, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, PRC, Netherlands, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Lithuania, Luxembourg.

If you are not from these countries you can still buy on my shop, I will sent your order as soon as post office removes restrictions.

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151. Manuela Bauer   (05.08.2020 18:47) E-mail
we didn't get the pen we baught on the 22.6.2020! angry

150. Christian   (14.07.2020 18:44) E-mail
Really great service! I asked for an other mod due to delivery problems and he built it within 5 minutes for me and sent me pictures via WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that this was during Corona crisis!
Delivery of course took a while, so i can't say if it was fast or not. got similar situations elsewhere.

I definitely recommend this shop!
Greetings from Germany and stay healthy!

149. Paul leonard   (04.07.2020 19:22) E-mail
I received my stuff and it was very very nice !
I recommand this web site !

148. Ollie Grover   (29.06.2020 18:29) E-mail
I ordered tornado grips,rsvp xrn and light’s ST mod. Overall I really like the products they are well built and are cheap and reliable. I am from UK and I really recommend this shop for any pen spinners out there who want cheap and reliable mods to spin

147. Pouyan   (15.05.2020 14:54) E-mail
I bought an invan mod and a rsvp mod
Ivan mod is the best mod that i have spun and it feels like that it’s massaging your hand when you spin it and rsvp mod is really hard to spin and I couldn’t spun it at first but it makes you it’s very cool
I from England and this is the only thing that I have received during quarantine biggrin biggrin tongue

146. Nicholas Rowe   (04.05.2020 22:42) E-mail
I ordered Everchix Emboss Mod, the Airfit tips are bad quality, after one week my tip was broken... that factory fake tip is not worth the price.
Answer: Hi!
Wow that's first time I heard something like that. Could you please sent me a photo of this? I will sent your new tip for free with your next order.

145. E f e x [elias11919]   (27.02.2020 22:56)
I ordered a dual emboss, assassin st and a bag to carry them, they arrived in about a month, no problems at all, everything went fine and Oleg helped me with everything about my purchase.

I'm from Venezuela

I really love how they spin smile

144. Hamza yoshioka   (16.02.2020 21:30) E-mail
I ordered a buster waterfall mod as my first spinning pen (I used to own a self made mod) the difference is HUGE!

There is so much momentum in the pen
You can do all sorts of tricks with it
Including palm spin,multiple bust and so on

I am from
UAE I got my pen in 14 days

The UAE post is trash
They were literally opening the package

I recommend using the express one instead if you live in UAE.

Overall very good quality of the built

Will buy again 10/10

143. Janis   (10.02.2020 15:15) E-mail
I ordered a assasin ST mod. Im from Latvia. I did not have any problems with the payment ir receiving the pen. I like it very much. Thank you!

142. Phi-Hung Huynh [darkfe4p]   (08.02.2020 20:36)
Second time ordering from psershop - ran into some problems which were fixed in no time smile

excellent customer service and the delivery was freaking fast (this time about 4-5 days to Germany)

Quick responses via WhatsApp - would recommend and probaly going to order again soon

141. 10 Luck Kamparanont [kamparanont]   (08.02.2020 16:25)
I’ve bought RSVP ST and two rsvp, I’ve really liked it because there’s no RSVP in Thailand

140. Riviere Guillaume   (05.02.2020 19:57) E-mail
1. Bought an Assassin ST Mod
2. I'm From France
3/4/5. Well Everything was perfect, delivered in 7 Days, when i expected 20 Days, Just perfect would recommend

139. Kyew   (04.02.2020 18:06) E-mail
So i ordered here for the 3rd time now and once again im really happy about how everything turned out
the shipping itself even took less time than anticipated and the quality of the mods/material i ordered is leaves nothing to be desired
i really recommend this shop (especially if you are from EU)

138. Rosario Pio Di Carlo   (01.02.2020 01:05) E-mail
Simply perfect! I ordered a double St led mod and it is soo cool in the dark. surprised

137. Jonas Dallinger   (11.01.2020 19:39) E-mail
My mods arrived in time and they are amazing! Thank you Oleg highly recommend to buy at this shop! biggrin

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