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136. Te Ara Nui   (08.01.2020 10:09) E-mail
I received a PSH Spinpro mod as a late Christmas gift from a family member.
Oleg had it wrapped well and the quality of my pen is fantastic and I hope Oleg continues to sell pens you might see me in your orders in the near future wink

135. Marco O.   (20.12.2019 22:42) E-mail
I bought an aqua green Ivan mod with a pen tube exactly 10 days ago.
I'm from Estonia.
I liked all the things, such as the quality of the mod and the fast shipping.
I did not have an issue with purchasing, payment or receiving my order.
It is already the best so nothing can be done better smile smile

134. Filipe Augusto   (16.12.2019 07:04) E-mail
very good

the product arrived in perfect condition within the stipulated time biggrin

133. Filipe Augusto   (16.12.2019 07:04) E-mail
muito bom

o produto chegou em perfeito estado dentro do prazo estipulado

132. Jc Guiao [jcsiahg]   (13.12.2019 19:27) E-mail
I usually use another pen shop but they didn’t have the emboss mods I was looking for. I saw a lot of the tutorials for these pens on YouTube so I finally decided to go onto this shop. In my opinion the pens are at a great value (affordable) and the pens I received we’re just as good as expected. The only problem is the time it took to get here, I know I could pay more for it to arrive earlier but it’s not in my budget. Other than that shopping here is 100% worth it!

131. Kacper S.   (06.12.2019 15:49) E-mail
So I've bought my first pen mod [Red-Blue] which is made by a pro. Before that I was using my handmade pen. The difference is HUGE, comparing to other pens which I saw by my friend this pen is really gorgeous god-tier one. I'm from germany and the package was here in about 15 days with standard delivery. From kazahstan? That's super fast as a standard one imo. Sir Oleg did inform me about my order and lack of one material which I choosed on next day after my order was placed. I did change it a little bit just with talking with him. No need to make new order, going trough payment (which is really easy and fast cia PayPal tho) etc. I've high quality pen from high quality shop. That's it ^^ 10/10

130. Jed Freeth   (05.12.2019 05:40) E-mail
Bought a fully purple waterfall mod and a wooden pen-stand which took a little over a month to arrive, although it was only shipped during the last week. Ergo I suppose if you look at it this way, technically it only took around a week. So in that respect the shipping is very fast! In addition to that Oleg's help through WhatsApp was also very fast and helped answer a question that I had. The pen-stand looks very neat too. My only concern / the only downside to this is the Purple Waterfall mod came in a white body with yellow caps, which neither were the colours I asked for. But despite that, it's in great quality condition and I will likely buy from here again!

129. daniel Perman   (04.12.2019 20:39) E-mail
I loved this! This was my first pen so i don't have anything to compare it to, but I am sure these are some of the best. The delivery was very fast altough it got stuck in customs, but that wasn't the company's fault. Oleg was very helpful and nice during all of this and i would recommend it 10/10

128. Phi-Hung Huynh [darkfe4p]   (30.11.2019 19:09)
Communication was top-notch via WhatsApp, very fast responses. Delivery was faster then excepted - going to order in the near future again smile

Mods are well made and I really recommend this shop for every PSer smile

127. TimmyEnglish [timapilimail]   (23.11.2019 01:27)
Ordered a PPM and Ivan Mods, the delivery to Ukraine took 30 days. The package was well protected. I really liked the quality of the mods and I recommend this shop.

126. Dado [reflections364]   (22.11.2019 21:33)
Ordered 15 mods many different led and writable mods, Oleg was very responsive over E-mail. Happy with my mods, for people that like nice colors in dark I personally  recommend ENO LED mod. It glows very bright. It is easy to replace batteries and its sturdy, so no fear of damaging mod.

125. gp   (22.11.2019 02:24) E-mail
All perfect no complaints. Keep up the great work!

124. Emil Klemetso   (22.11.2019 00:22) E-mail
biggrin biggrin very wel made mods

123. Felix   (08.11.2019 18:12) E-mail
All mods look really beautiful. Communication with Oleg via whatsapp was also seamlessly. 10/10 can recommend

122. Chris   (07.11.2019 17:13) E-mail
I bought 2 pen mods. One Led Mod and one menowa vgg mod. Both were very well made. I got my order within two weeks from the day of purchase which is relatively soon considering I leave in Greece

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